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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Satisfying the Hunger of Passion

Some may ask--what in the world does that mean. Well, I'm here to tell you my theory, and in as less words as possible...back up what I say. First, however, I'm sure we can all agree that passion is something down deep inside of us, something we feel without even thinking, our design from God, right? We wake up each morning and move about our daily task...eating, mothering, fathering, cleaning, writing, conversing, driving, and so much more. But are we happy? Don't get me wrong...being a mother for me is the best and most rewarding choice and or decision I have ever made. It uplifts me, and wakes me up each morning . To know that I've accomplished the mother role well, is a reward in its self and I accept it graciously with a smile, each and every time I see my children. I am a wife, and for the last twelve years, I can say a darn good one. I've surpassed the seven-year-itch, the thoughts of 'what am I truly doing here?', the climb of am I even doing this right?, and I'm sure that my husband would agree, that it was a hard climb for him as well, but we made it to the top and plan on running down it together. I have at a steady pace, moved up the later for the type of job I found to offer me the most satisfaction, especially being that I love people. But--yes, there is a but, and I say it with no guilt. It reflexes not on my children, husband, or job outside of home. Our hunger for something more is always unsettling down deep inside of us. We wake up and move along the day and somewhere in that day, we begin to feel down, or sad. We push on for the sake of time and then the lights go off again another day. We wake-up and do it all over again, right? Sadness hits, depression feels us with anxiety and we may sleep it off, or call for a visit to our doctors. If we are satisfied with our homes, families, and jobs, then there is only one other problem  unless, your job is your passion, and if that is the case, then this blog is not for you. But for us who have not been introduced to our passion, or are just not sure what our passion is, or how to awaken it--there is hope for us yet. I am not an expert by far on depression or sadness; but I do know that talking about that dim light down inside you that's never satisfied, and you already have taken steps to a walk with God. Then what else can it be? Think about what you love to do more than anything. The one thing you can do without receiving money. The one thing you can do all day-long without looking at the time. That's the first step to satisfying the hunger of passion...your passion.