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Monday, September 30, 2013

Building A Platform ?

Just read a post by Rachelle Gardner...great post by the way. However, she talks about the complaints of writers and the frustrations of publishers. The article has great points from both sides: Writers thoughts regarding publishers ( abandoning writers, bring nothing to the table), publishers needs  (marketing by authors...twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, etc...).  But she's right about our society...it has changed drastically and it's not the publishers fault. A publisher is truly great to have...they are there to make sure that our work is edited properly, to make sure production goes well and as planed, and they are really good at getting our books sold. As she says...we only have the Internet to blame.  Publishing a book back in the day was hard and still is, however, it has become more accessible to us authors, no matter if we traditionally publish, or self-publish or even eBook. I understand totally what Rachelle Gardner is trying to get us authors to understand, and from following her blogs, and reading in between the lines regarding them, I get it.  We authors have a passion and that is to write and get our work out to our readers. We want to stand out, let our story be heard whether fiction or non fiction. But we must understand that publishers have their passion too, and that is to take us authors on, get us published with the right publishing company that works for us and not against us. I know it's hard work trying to get your work out there to the right publisher. But I honest think it's worth it. Don't you?

 Our time will come, and when it does...we will know...

Building Platforms are hard work...but lets be honest...our work is worth every typed word.

Happy writing, authors, and happy reading, readers.