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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Live, Laugh, Breathe

Hey, guys! Take a good look at that photo above...

We all know how fast life whooshes us along within the blink of an eye. We can sort of forget, or maybe lose ourselves in all the chaos of being a wife, a mother, a daughter, an employee if you're like me and still work outside of writing. But I realize no matter my work at home, at work, other than home, I must make and take out time for myself. Time to laugh and dance and breathe. Without me, there's no story that only I can write. And besides...living is writing

Live life.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Behind the Novel

Hello, guys. I've been doing some heavy thinking. Mostly about my writing. Who am I as a writer? Why write? Are the stories that I write even worth the paper they're printed on? And most importantly, is my writing, intriguing to my readers? Well. A week ago, I met a young lady in the supermarket. She seemed to be a very sweet girl and being the extroverted person that I am; outside of writing...we sparked up a conversation, which leads her to this, " So sort of stories do you write, and what are you working on right now?" I cringed as always, although I felt good about my present story. Still, I felt my heartbeat thump against my chest. But give or take a few mental breaths: I was okay. So I gave her a brief synopsis into the world of four women, a dark secret and a gun that leads one of them to her death. Her eyes widened. Her face sort of dropped, and she seemed a bit sad, maybe disappointed. At that point, I felt awful, uninspired to complete such novel that could put my reader into such a state. But then I think I smiled, which lead to her smiling too. She then asked the reason I'd decided to write such a dark story, and at first, I didn't think I had an answer. So, I just looked at her; not sure any answer I gave after the look on her face from earlier, would make any sense, or difference to her. But then I decided, honesty was the best policy. Maybe my reason for writing a dark story will offend many of my readers. Maybe it would resonate too close to home for some. But I'm a writer. And as a writer, the stories I write may not always be a happily ever after one. The truth sometimes hurts, and I've learned that first hand. Families don't always find that silver lining or notice how beautiful a rainbow is after a hard rain.
So now you'll read my story. 'String of Pearls.'  A suspenseful, women's Literary novel and take from it what you will. But just remember. Sometimes family's are broken. Sometimes they're able to work through the hard times and find that silver lining. However, the question I leave with you is. Can or will the four women in my novel: Jewels, Diamond, Treasure and Fanny: be able to?

And remember...Live life

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


There's a truth behind everything. In life...a daughter will only know and do what her mother teaches. She will eventually come into her own. She will find love. Maybe even happiness, that nine-letter word that radiates beyond pages of love stories. Throughout her life, she will get under her mother's skin. She will bring tears to her mother's eyes. She will shout words of hate. And someday sooner than later, she will see the world through her own eyes. But from the day of her birth, until the day of her death...she will forever be her mother's replica... 
So Mothers...I say to you...laugh with your little girl, dance with your baby, and share those moments as if they were the last because no matter what you think she may have done, or not done...She is forever your daughter. 

Live life...

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Another Bloomin' Writer's Conference

Hey, guys! Just a need to share.

 Judy Conibear, president of The Inland Empire California Writer's Group, I must say, did a wonderful job hosting 'Another Bloomin' Writer's Conference'. She moved the day along, smoothly, on time and with great poise. The day was kicked into gear with a great Taco Lunch, and the first guest speaker--Paula Priamos, author of 'The Shyster's Daughter (a memoir) set the bar high. Paula was not only awesome, but very well organized and informative on the information as to how to become a published author, She answered a lot of great questions from the audience of authors that have already published, and those writers looking to become published in the near future. And of course the mood and energy in the room didn't stop there. Martin Lastrapes, one of Amazon's number one best selling author's, kept  that momentum going with his knowledge on writing and promotion. And those were only two, to name a few of the wonderful events going on that day. For the writer who struggles with, or is just a bit rusty on pitching there book, or just in need to get a better grasp on it, for that big day that they are in front of an agent, or whether merely just for practice in front of of an audience, there was that, timed, three minute pitch session. To be honest, there was something for everyone.

So to sum-up...Another Bloomin' Writer's Conference was awesome! And as they say  Be Ready...Don't Get Ready...

Happy reading and happy writing...

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Changing Lives One Book At A Time

In all reality... authors change lives. Whether through twisted minds, intelligent minds, revengeful minds or just very imaginative minds, an author, or should I say a damn good author, will keep you turning pages, forgetting to feed the kids, and screaming or tossing your book from a window, only to run right out into blizzard to retain it. For me, as an author, I strive to entertain. And hopefully, leave a lesson or two along the way.

We write for ourselves to be totally honest with you. We want nothing less than what you as a reader wants. To feel that rush of adrenaline behind the pages of love stories, the heart pounding thrill behind a well written thriller, and who did what, to who, in a perfect murder mystery novel. And that is what an author looks for in every book he or she writes.

Happy reading... and have a safe, and wonderful Easter this 2015
From my family of happy people and readers, to yours...

Thursday, February 12, 2015

What Makes a Great Author?

The art of being a great author apposed to just a good writer is to know first and far most, who you are, whether or not you're equipped to take on the journey, and making sure that you have an experts understanding for your craft.

They say anyone can write a book. They say anyone can jot down words on a piece of paper or move there fingers along a laptop or computer.

Well I say, yes...that is true. Any child, teenager, adult, or maybe even the loved family pet can hit the keys of a laptop if trained well.

But here's where such comments fall short of truth or should I say reality, and are to me, ignorant ( lacking in knowledge or training). As an author, writer, whichever you may chose on your literary journey, you must like yourself, enjoy being with yourself, as writing consumes a lot of your daily life, requiring that you spend much of your time alone. You must be highly creative, imaginative, and maybe even a little bonkers depending on your genre. You must seek out and join critique groups, and writers groups that can help you to see the small things in your writing that you may not, or may have missed as our minds and eyes as we all know can limited our ability to see past what we hear or read while editing our own work. To benefit, or have even the slightest success, a writer/author must research their genre. See who's the big cheese on the best seller list; read some great books; not to plagiarize, but to see what's selling and what makes it sell. Read, learn and make what works for them, work for you.

With all that being said...a great author is the writer willing to do whatever it takes to walk the literary journey.

Don't get ready...be ready...  

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Authors & Readers

What a great time of year to connect. Love is in the air, creativity is flourishing and great books are everywhere. That time of year for giving, bring a bit of joy to readers. Maybe a diamond ring from a lover, or that perfect love song to reignite that spark you once loved. But no matter what kind of LOVE surrounds you, makes your heart thrive... make it a memory you can live with and for.

Happy Valentines Day, guys!  Keep love in your hearts and a book at hand.

And always remember to live life

Friday, January 9, 2015

Are You Writing?

Well, I hope all of you writers have had an awesome 2014 thus far. And now the year has begun. 2015...whoop, whoop!!
Time to move on to bigger and better books. Make positive goals and keep reachable expectations for the sky is the limit. All you need is a laptop, a great imagination and a little time. Just remember...that road to success is never easy, nor reachable if you don't do the work. Never write for money. Never make excuses. Never say to yourself 'tomorrow'. Writing takes a lot of work so you have to love it. So never write for someone else. Never write for money. Write because you love it.  2015 is your year.  Remember; you are the author, and only you can tell your stories.

Live life