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Friday, September 28, 2012


Your feelings is your business, 
the way you act is everyone else's business-- my hubby Juun Dai'Re

A Man's Strength

The strength of a man is not in his hands, 
but in the woman that believes in him--Marie Dai'Re

Monday, September 24, 2012

Different Again, Please

I’m normal only I wasn’t in my other world, Am I boy, animal or am I a girl, I was far from typical, and that meant I wasn’t miserable, I didn’t live in a beautiful house, and my father was a man, not a mouse My mother had a husband not a spouse, my siblings were not pretend but real But somehow I made a really unspeakable deal, Green grass, my ass, I could suddenly feel, I’m falling fast, tumbling through the grass, and broken trees, Have to wake up, but how, I must fall on my knees Normal’s too much, there’s no clutch, I want to go back to different again, PLEASE

Monday, September 10, 2012

Pitch Potential

I read a blog by Rachelle Gardner, I try to read her blogs every chance I get, about Pitching Your potential. Her points were, and to me are always great points. She discuss a writers,(me included)pursuit of publication and the worry we as writers have when ready to publish "What have you published in the past?" She's right when she talk about how we as writers feel about that question (worry of not being taken seriously if we haven't published any past books, or if we have, how well or not so well has that book done and how will it affects us). She's also right when she says that many writers don't have a track record. However, she gives great pointers,and information that could help-- like: HIGHLIGHTING YOUR POTENTIAL. She states that agents and editors may be swayed by your potential more than your track record. In her blog she gives ways that we as writers can sell that potential: Be Exciting (make every pitch unique and compelling, Have a large bag of tricks (don't pitch just one idea), Know how to network (have a following), Let every word shine (make people love your writing, ideas). The list can go on and on, and if you've gotten anything out of my blog, I'm happy. If you want to know more about pitching, feel free to visit Rachelle Gardner's blog, I'm sure she won't mind. We are all here to help each other. Good luck guys and happy writing!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Where's the Perfect Place to Write?

As an author, a comfortable place to write would be the perfect place. Some authors find that being outdoors--in an open space, or surrounded by people, inspires, brings out their best. Me myself, I like to write in quiet places--alone, most of the time. I find that being alone brings out my best. I am able to build my characters in ways that I know most people would find a bit insane if they actually saw me in action (So for the sake of saving them from that thought and myself from the embarrassment), I write alone. ;) But,for me, my tactic works: dialogue is so important to me when it comes to my characters. I become them-- it's my way of bring them alive. In reality, there is no right or wrong place for a writer, it's where you breed your best. There is no one place to write, no right or wrong place to sit your laptop. The important thing is bring those characters to life and getting your readers to love, enjoy,and even hate certain characters...and most important--leave them wanting more... And when and if you can pull that off-- you've won half the battle!