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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Changing Lives One Book At A Time

In all reality... authors change lives. Whether through twisted minds, intelligent minds, revengeful minds or just very imaginative minds, an author, or should I say a damn good author, will keep you turning pages, forgetting to feed the kids, and screaming or tossing your book from a window, only to run right out into blizzard to retain it. For me, as an author, I strive to entertain. And hopefully, leave a lesson or two along the way.

We write for ourselves to be totally honest with you. We want nothing less than what you as a reader wants. To feel that rush of adrenaline behind the pages of love stories, the heart pounding thrill behind a well written thriller, and who did what, to who, in a perfect murder mystery novel. And that is what an author looks for in every book he or she writes.

Happy reading... and have a safe, and wonderful Easter this 2015
From my family of happy people and readers, to yours...