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Thursday, February 12, 2015

What Makes a Great Author?

The art of being a great author apposed to just a good writer is to know first and far most, who you are, whether or not you're equipped to take on the journey, and making sure that you have an experts understanding for your craft.

They say anyone can write a book. They say anyone can jot down words on a piece of paper or move there fingers along a laptop or computer.

Well I say, yes...that is true. Any child, teenager, adult, or maybe even the loved family pet can hit the keys of a laptop if trained well.

But here's where such comments fall short of truth or should I say reality, and are to me, ignorant ( lacking in knowledge or training). As an author, writer, whichever you may chose on your literary journey, you must like yourself, enjoy being with yourself, as writing consumes a lot of your daily life, requiring that you spend much of your time alone. You must be highly creative, imaginative, and maybe even a little bonkers depending on your genre. You must seek out and join critique groups, and writers groups that can help you to see the small things in your writing that you may not, or may have missed as our minds and eyes as we all know can limited our ability to see past what we hear or read while editing our own work. To benefit, or have even the slightest success, a writer/author must research their genre. See who's the big cheese on the best seller list; read some great books; not to plagiarize, but to see what's selling and what makes it sell. Read, learn and make what works for them, work for you.

With all that being said...a great author is the writer willing to do whatever it takes to walk the literary journey.

Don't get ready...be ready...  

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Authors & Readers

What a great time of year to connect. Love is in the air, creativity is flourishing and great books are everywhere. That time of year for giving, bring a bit of joy to readers. Maybe a diamond ring from a lover, or that perfect love song to reignite that spark you once loved. But no matter what kind of LOVE surrounds you, makes your heart thrive... make it a memory you can live with and for.

Happy Valentines Day, guys!  Keep love in your hearts and a book at hand.

And always remember to live life