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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The reason I write

     There is always a reason why a writer writes what he/ or she do. There is always a purpose, and I'm sure for most of us, it's the same-- we love story telling. But I will only speak for myself; it is my individual style, and tone. And for me, the place and mood, helps to bring my characters to life, give them that breath they breathe.

     My soul reason that I decided to try my hand at writing a vampire novel, was because being a writer and movie watcher, I am always interested and hyped about where can I go next. In fact, I am a die-hard movie lover of all genres, as long as there is a strong storyline. But writing about vampires, I've come to love. Some people may disagree, and I understand that-- truly I do. For some-- vampires are evil; demonic, and probably, they may say shouldn't be written about. Some may be right, depending on the point of view.

     But what I myself enjoy about the vampire is the beauty behind them. Since the beginning; looking back in my history of them, and I hope I get this right-- from Dracula: 1897, the novel by Irish author Bram Stoker 'Count Dracula',  to The Blood of Dracula's Castle 1969, and the most famous for me, "Christopher Lee: King of the Counts" In Dracula( handsome, perfect skin, hypnotic eyes that no woman could resist) were all darn good; so you see, there has always been something intriguing and yet sexy about them. Of course the draining of the blood my have been a bit over the top, but for many of us, that's what drives the story forward.

     Vampires are smart, and for darn sure, insanely beautiful people. In a crazy sort of way, they kind of make you want to scratch your head a bit in awe to why that is-- but hey, it works. I don't appreciate any women--Mrs., Ms., or Miss, in no way, shape or form, being neglected, abused or any other form that would place her on any stool in a person 's life other than a Pedal stool (pedestal).

     I enjoy writing stories with great possibilities. Stories that can and will take my characters to their limits-- page after page, chapter after chapter. That's the art and fun of storytelling, isn't it?

     I-- and I hope that I speak for other writers, have nothing but good intentions. When I build my characters, I build them within me, and I am in no way evil, or crazy. Well, some of my friends and family may beg to differ, or at least those that know me. LOL...

     But you must admit, that fiction, and or supernatural stories have some form, no matter how small it may be of intricacy about them. With such stories, we as writers are able to explore possibilities un-reached in reality. To me, these stories are no different than super heroes, or cartoons, well...when I say cartoon, I am speaking mainly from the fact that they are made-up, nothing more, but hey, again, they have incredible possibilities.

     Most people, although I can only speak for myself-- leave home to take in a movie, mainly for the rush; the thrill, the hype of seeing it on the big screen ( the possibilities). And I walk into that movie theater with exactly that in mind ( scare me, take me deeper in into this fantasy as you can get me). Me myself with that thought alone, get a rush. I enjoy movie trailers, and I can sit and watch them all day, as long as they're put together properly(laughing).

     But all I'm saying is that movies are just movies. Great ones, not so great ones, and some that will live on in our hearts and minds as legends. But still, they are just movies. It's what we learn at home about fiction and non-fiction-- what counts. But I'm just saying.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Late night thoughts

I was up late last night watching horror movies. They really get you going and thinking. I can't remember the last time I actually sat up until two in the morning for the enjoyment of it. But while I sat there enjoying my moment, I got to thinking about the sequel to 'Cravings: Two Bloodlines', and where I was planning on taking the main characters next journey. I have so many ideas, and possibilities that it's almost hard to make a decision. Not that they're not all really good ideas. Well, I guess we will see. You can leave me your thoughts on this subject after you read the book, and I will definitely take them into consideration. Thank you for your support and comments. They are so appreciated.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Just a thought

Not sure if this is worth talking about, but in the last few months, I've learned that the internet is the best place for reseaching any and everything. Loving this!