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Monday, August 11, 2014


Within the last hour, it was reported that Robin Williams, now age 63, and one the most warmest, funniest, house-hold comedians in the world has died. Confirmation: death not an accident. Also confirmed...his choice. A choice by suicide. A choice that I myself will never understand. But have not walked in his shoes. So I will not judge. However, I am a strong believer in one being responsible. Responsible being one of the most feared, neglected yet important words in our dictionary. I know life can bring enormous pain, suffering, anger, burdens and even some deeply rooted hate. It can even bring grief. And sometimes it can bring so much grief it weigh so deep we feel as if we're drowning, no way out, no relief in sight. But it is all still up to us--the individual to find that surface, paddle our way back. It will be difficult. It will seem impossible. But when has anything worth living for, been easy? I am so overwhelmed with the death of Robin Williams. This one, I can honestly say, I never saw coming. I didn't know him personally, but I truly feel as if I had. Through all his funny years.  Depression was his downfall. How he handled that depression was his choice, and I pray that he has found peace, although many will argue that he could not have. Another topic. However, HAPPINESS was the key. A key he unfortunately lost along the way to fortune and fame. But please know... happiness isn't hiding behind any door, or around any corner. It's not a secret, meant for only a few. It's a choice that God has given us freely, and lovingly, and HE wants us all to have it.
 My heart goes out to Robin Williams' family and I pray that they may find the HAPPINESS that he could not.
 Happiness is a RESPONSIBLE choice. Make the choice. Chose to be happy over all else. It's God's gift to ALL...