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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Your Tears, We will Never Forget...

A horrific tragedy happened in Colorado involving many. An armed man, twenty-four-years-old, I think was his age. He opened fired in a theater full of people out for a night of fun for the long awaited movie 'The Black Knight'. I guess I waited to write about this because it was just too painful to touch on. But then I got tagged in a post from one of my niece's from the website http://aminiatureclaypot.wordpress.com so-you-still-think-god-is-a-merciful-god
 ...I read the post and I cried.The lady who wrote the post had been inside the theater along with her two daughters...

 That post allowed me to understand but also to bring back to me something that I already knew, but as most times we do as human-beings, when life is just moving along and we get so caught up in self, allowing those things that are important, and some not so important to slip from our thoughts-- but the truth is Evil do exist.

The reality and outcome of that...God prevails. My heart goes out to every family that was unfortunatly touched forever by such a nightmare and especially those that were murdered by the hands of this lost souls evilness and I pray that in time they will all rest easier. And that they know we will never forget or stop praying for them...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Reader

I was reading a blog post by Rachelle Gardner titled 'Does Social Media Leave US Over-Exposed' She touched on a subject that I as well as, I'm sure many authors think about, but may not realize the important's of. As an author, I tweet, and Facebook, although not as much as I should, but I would like my readers to know that no matter how much time I give anything in my life, I give 110 percent of me to my writing. Know that I will always give you the enjoyment you deserve... Without you, there is no need to tell my story... Thank you guys so much for your support and friendship...it means so much...

Riddle Box Answer

He got wet first...lol...

Monday, July 9, 2012

Riddle Box

When the boy fell into the water,what's the first thing he did? Check back for the answer, or give it your best shot and let's see how good you are.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!!!

Hey bloggers...happy fourth to all of you and be safe enjoying it! I know we all love fireworks and can't wait to get out there and watch them explode in the night sky, but we have to also be responsible. So have your fun...it's your right--just be considerate and aware of those around you. And just remember that there's always a place to go and watch them in, or around your neighborhood. Now, let's go out there and do the darn thing!!!


No more than an hour ago, I read a blog post by Rachelle Gardner that caught my interest. She titled the post: 7 Ways to Give Away Your Power--and How to Avoid it. First of all, I think Rachelle Gardner is not only very intelligent, but an awesome blogger. Anyway, the particular power giveaway that caught my eye was number 2 Being intimidated by "the industry" or anyone in it. It caught my eye because being intimidated by agents, and publishing houses', both of which she blogs about, affects many new authors. And such blogs as Rachelle's are very much needed to ease that anxiety and place in perspective the truth. She states that giving away our power--in work, relationships, and life in general...we lose out on things we want and need in life. After reading her blog...I have come to my own conclusion. Knowing that our power is our own, meaning not just us authors, but us the people...it really is just a matter of how we fine tune that power or how much of it we want to share or giveaway. However, just knowing that it is our decision and ours alone, should ease the tension. Don't settle. Do you, be you and your power can only be strengthened. In the writing world...publisher's and agents, as she states, are just looking for the right books and authors for their needs. We as writers’, school teacher's, office manager's or any job, loved or needed for survival, must also do the same. The right moment and day will come. Intimidation is just a word...an emotion that we control. I can only speak for myself...but I know, I'm not alone.