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Monday, January 28, 2013

Food for the Soul

I was reading a post by Rachelle Gardner today and this quote By Umair Haque caught my attention...funny thing is, it caught my attention more than the post it self. But not only is the quote beautifully written, but it is very true. I hope it can help in times of need. It certainly helps me...happy reading guys...

This quote from Umair Haque (slightly edited) :
What’s it worth? … here’s the inconvenient truth: it’s going to take more than the tired old refrains of hard work, dedication, commitment, and perseverance. It’s going to take very real heartbreak, sorrow, grief, and disappointment. Only you can decide how much is too much…. A life well lived always demands one asks of one’s self: is it worth it? Is the heartache worth the breakthrough; is the desolation worth the accomplishment; is the anguish balanced by the jubilation; perhaps, even, are the moments of bitter despair, sometimes, finally, the very instants we treasure most? There’s no easy answer, no simplistic rule of thumb. The scales of life always hang before us — and always ask us to weigh the burden of our choices carefully.*

Friday, January 25, 2013

Who Deserves a Piece of the American Dream?

Well, hello and good morning loyal readers! I was sitting here at my desk thinking about the great American Dream that we all, at some point in time, think about. I don't rightfully know why it is that some seem to think that only a few are entitled to it. It's a great big world out there people and there is plenty of the dream to go around. After all, don't we all dream individually? Now, with that being said: how do we get it-- a piece of the American dream that is? I know for a fact, it takes drive first, but before we can even get that point, we must first, process the idea of the dream, carefully;which  should be done after we are first honest with our-self. Are we even the one for that particular dream?

A dream to me, is not just a space of thought that is in our heads or dreamed about in our precious moments of rem sleep, or a daydream that we think about during a time of the day when we have nothing better to do. It is the reason we wake-up each morning...the purpose God gave us. But it will stay a dream if we can't be true to self that we are capable of it. Example: I am four-feet tall, no coordination or concept of basketball, yet I love the sport--play it on the court daily with friends, and then decide to pursue it professionally.Get my point? However, please don't be discouraged. There are plenty of dreams out there, you just have to find yours, and be honest with yourself about it, no matter what others tell you,good or bad.

So who deserves a Piece of the American Dream? We all do...sometimes we just need a bit of a push or some short term, realistic goals to get us there. So stay true to yourself, pursue what you want, and push hard at it, and most of all...keep at it, no matter what, or who gets in front of you...

And don't forget to keep reading...reading is knowledge...whether learning, or just for entertainment.

Monday, January 7, 2013

What's your writing style?

I read a blog today, posted by Rachelle Gardner...and for some reason it struck a nerve ( in a good way). The blog was titled...The facts vs. The Story You Tell Yourself. Well after reading her blog it didn't take long for me to find myself (the facts vs. my story I have been telling myself). She gave three scenarios which I won't write out, but I will say that I was regretfully in the first one ;(  Being a writer is hard work, and takes years to perfect; for many of us, its a hard road to success. However, if writings is your passion and you find yourself longing to write instead of cooking, cleaning, or your job (outside of writing), then it tells a great deal about you as a writer, and it can be very rewarding.
Maybe not in the pocket book, but within you, and that means writing more and learning more, which will eventually without your knowledge--put more into your pocket book. :)...you can only get better.  Anyway, in this blog, I did find me, and the truth is, although I/ we write and love it...I/we-- it may take years to find out who we are as a writer. But as long as we continue to follow our passion-- who we are as a writer will prevail.  So keep writing and never stop following your pen, or for some of you-- your computer or laptop keys... Happy writing and enjoy reading...remember, reading is knowledge, whether, it's for entertainment or not.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Hello everyone! There's been so much going on and even more to get done, that I missed my time spent catching up with all of you. Well, I would like to first of all wish all of you a Happy New Year, and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I hope this year is a prosperous and blessed one for all of you...do you, and whatever your resolution for 2013 is, make it happen...only you can!!!!

And hey, please feel free to visit my website www.mariedaire.com, and check out the sneak peek on the first chapter of Cravings: Two Bloodlines...and if you like it, which I'm counting on, you may purchase it right from the site.